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Hellion Trace

Kicking The Mic

Hellion Trace

Kicking the Mic

Hellion’s first visual album, titled Kicking the Mic is a live performance fusing tap dance, live looping and vocals with a sound-reactive LED Dress.

“The explosion of a reverberating stomp punctuates the dark. Simultaneously my dress and I explode in light. Together we hold this moment as we listen to the sound fading, seen as receding light.”

“The Bauhaus lovechild of Laurie Anderson & Gene Kelly” – Bishi

Hellion straddles the worlds of music, dance and tech.

From Tokyo to San Francisco, Hellion has transported audiences with each percussive step – immersing them into a delightful and colourful live performance. Hellion is a hybrid, super-human, instrumental and vocal performance for those who like a splash of sublime magic with their technology and live music. Come and step into the world of Hellion – a high-octane, live dialogue between light, sound, movement and technology.

Audience Quotes

  • “An amazing combination of visuals, choreography and gorgeous sounds” – UK
  • “Mesmerising, unique” – France
  • “Sublime… from the tightly choreographed tap routines to the arresting moments of beauty where technology and performer respond to each other” – Japan
  • “Wonderful, delightful and magical.” – LA
  • “A transportive, multi-sensory show” – UK

Hellion can be performed in non-traditional venues: from nightclubs to conferences, as long as a wooden floor is supplied. It is designed to be seen in low light levels (allowing the audience to fully enjoy the LED Dress). The show can be performed in 10-20 minute sections, or as a 1-hour full-length version.