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A particularly exciting collaborative commission to explore movement, art, architecture, and technology; all within the intricate and spectacular space of the prestigious National Art Gallery, pushing the boundaries within what is an already seemingly animated space. We worked with producer Emma McFarland, the Programme Lead for YouTube’s VR Creator Lab program to create four individual films: two of the creative process and two of the finished pieces in 180• VR technology.


We were able to pull inspiration for the dance videos from the paintings located in the gallery and the architecture itself: Joseph Wright’s of Derby’s painting An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump in Room 34 and the Gallery’s Portico. For the first duet of the VR180 film we worked with Krumper Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade and contemporary dancer Ajani Johson-Goffe and for the other contemporary dancers Sara Augieras and Sam Ford.


Due to the success of the films, we were asked to create a specially choreographed and directed an extended live performance of the works at the gallery. For this, we incorporated developed versions of both duets and new work in the central space. This was an interactive performance and lead the audience through the different spaces to follow the performance. We also integrated a live vocal performance to add another level to the already atmospheric area. Live dancers included: Stefano Addae, Remi Black, Emma-Louise Stansall, Amy Lucas, and Mollie Miah.