Tony Adigun


Tony Adigun is a man of many hats: Creative director, curator, choreographer, dancer, educator and mentor all worn with the same signature passion and style.


He is the founder and Artistic Director of the cutting edge hip-hop company Avant Garde Dance and continues to steer his ship into uncharted creative territory. Tony has a razor-sharp eye for composition, musicality and form, which has allowed him to develop a unique dance vocabulary unique that has gained respect and admiration from the highest echelons of the dance industry. Music is Adigun’s first passion and major influence, and dance is the way he show’s his appreciation.


Tony’s iconic choreography and style is renowned around the world as he has performed and delivered workshops in Vietnam, America, Poland, Russia, Portugal, Zimbabwe and many other countries. He has received commissions from numerous organisations including Hextable Theatre, Breakin Convention, The Place/Alston Takes Over, Hoxton Hall, Big Chair Dance, Dance Umbrella and Dream Productions. Commercially he has choreographed and performed with top artists from the UK and America including Janet Jackson, Usher, Ashanti, Mel B, JoJo, Cheryl Cole and Whitney Houston.


From work in schools to community dance projects with older people, commercial tours to artistic endeavours, Adigun is consistently able to get the best out of people. Tony delivers powerful transformative education work, challenging the young people he works with to ‘go against the grain’ and channel their unique identities. Tony is resolute in his belief that young people from any background can achieve at the highest level. Tony is currently a Work Place Artist at The Place and is being mentored by Akram Khan and he is Creative Director for Sky One’s ‘Got To Dance’.